Clan O’Brien!

Our first Clan O’Brien Christmas celebration since the pandemic shut down the world in the early spring of 2020! Per usual, Nancy & Greg were hosts extraordinaire! We were snug as bugs in our camper even tho the temps were still frigid.

Roary stands in for Brenda & Richard

When the clan gathered at 4;30, the air was filled with jovial conversations & laughter! Gentle teasing, fond memories and loads of love! On groaning tables the festive cornucopia was overflowing! Chicken chili, pulled pork bbq, shrimp, veggie platter, ham sliders, cooked sushi tray, wraps, chips & dip, deviled eggs, cookies, fruit & dip, beer… If anyone went hungry, it was NOT Nancy’s fault!

Of course all Clan O’Brien gatherings must be recorded via multiple photographic devices!

Then it was time for the games!!! Games, games, games! This year started with Left Right Center! What a hoot!!!

BA & Rob brought THE PERFECT ornament for us! Plus an adorable new winged lizard for Rex! We gifted them a flock of four penguins for their tree, perfect since they love the evil Pittsburgh hockey team. 😈

Home again and I must say: Even tho I fear my Christmas tree is developing a decidedly reptilian flavor… Life Is Good!!!

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