Baby it’s COLD outside!

Elliot. Sounds like such a mild mannered bookish sort. Accountant perhaps? Hardly a proper name for a record breaking winter bomb cyclone – a once in a lifetime storm.

Roughly two-thirds of America is under warnings or advisories for Storm Elliott as the historic polar vortex tightens its grip across the country on Christmas weekend.

Snow Miser

More than 200 million people are facing subzero temperatures – in some places as low as -40F! This will be accompanied by dangerous winds, and blinding, heavy snowfall at a time when many families were planning for holiday travels. Seriously – is Elliot an evil combination of the Grinch & Scrooge, with a touch of Snow Miser thrown in?

We woke to temps below zero today – thank goodness we have two woodstoves and loads of firewood! The tulikivi soapstone is an absolute jewel! It gets too hot to touch & slowly releases heat over the next 24 hours.

Christmas eve I came over to watch the kids pup, Stella, for four nights. She was a super hyper antsy little girl when I arrived, but she chilled out with treats & tummy rubs!

And she loves her christmas fish! It’s almost as big as she is!


I went home christmas morning to see my boys. The teeny tiny T Rex was *obviously* a bit miffed by me showing up smelling like another pup!!! He even took his toys to Chris instead of me to throw…! Clearly I am going to have to suck up SO super hard after this babysitting stint ends!

my little floof

On Monday my inner Santa swung into full gear, preparing a perfect welcome home surprise for Jack & his parents! Their “untree” was simply decorated with Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king from “Nightmare Before Christmas”. It clearly needed a little holly days magic! Now it’s covered with cheerful little candy canes!

I also filled the stocking I made for Jacks first Christmas in the traditional Werz family way! With an orange in the toe, toothbrush, toothpaste, plus small toys and candy! I stacked the presents for Jack, Juliette & Michael, Mel & Josh next to the stocking under the tree. I think the sight will delight them when they arrive home! Of course the very FIRST thing they’ll see is their bouncing little furball Stella!

I suppose I should explain the Werz family tradition? My mom & dad were both children of the great depression – so to be given an orange in the dead of winter was an amazingly awesome delicacy! Each year their parents put one in the toe of the stockings! Practicality is likely how the new toothbrush and toothpaste were added. Moms aunts and uncles wrapped green tomatoes in newspaper each summer & stored them in the root cellar so they could serve fresh sliced tomatoes at Christmas!

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