Farewell 2022!

What a year! Definitely an improvement over 2020 & 2021 but it started off horribly when our beloved Jakester suddenly died…

However our hearts were gladdened & our lives made richer with the adoption of a sweet little floofy boy – Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Everyone knows we travel to “collect” National Park Service sites, lighthouses, National Wildlife Refuges, and states! This year we added 26 Lighthouses (42 total!); one more National Wildlife Refuge (24 total!) and three new states to our map – Maryland, Wisconsin & Michigan, bringing our total to thirty four!

Sadly Covid has continued devastating the world. America alone has lost over a million people to the pandemic since March 2020. So far Chris & I have avoided contracting Covid, here’s hoping our luck holds in the coming year.

Let us also hope that 2023 brings with it peace and happiness. Time spent with loved ones and time enjoying the solace of nature. Simple joys like tandem rides, kayaking, and walkies with T Rex. Welcome 2023!

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