Fall is in the Air!

Last weekend was perfect weather for kayaking on the Rivanna river near the reservoir! It was 70 degrees, sunny and calm, could not have asked for a prettier October day on the water!

I was, of course, bundled up in long sleeves, yoga paints and my biking windbreaker while the two Chris’s were in t-shirts and shorts.

Two hours of sheer serendipity! We saw many turtles sunning themselves, followed mallards upstream, and watched a great blue heron stalking prey along the shore.

Fast forward to this weekend. A quick trip up to North East, Maryland to visit Beth Anne & Rob!

Saturday we went to Conowingo Dam to check out the birds. Cormorants swimming with just their heads above the water, myriads of seagulls performing aerial ballet, great blue heron walking elegantly along the shore, & the stars of the show – a multitude of bald eagles! Soaring, fishing or just perching majestically!

Back home BA & Rob gave us a wonderful slideshow of todays birds, plus the Cahokie Mounds AND the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. SO MANY COOL HOT AIR BALLOONS!!! We must travel to see that in person!

And look who’s riding in the back seat like a big boy on the way home!

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