Visiting Ed & Jan

Their new home is English Meadows in Blacksburg, AKA Chris’s old college stomping grounds (Va Tech)! And we drove past my college town (Radford) on our way to our campsite at Claytor Lake State Park!

We visited outside as their facility is in quarantine for Covid19. Fortunately a cool front moved in today so it was a pleasant, breezy low 70’s.

Being the gracious hosts that they are, happy hour ensued! We chatted for a couple hours getting all caught up on everyone’s families.

A little care package!

We brought Ed’s favorites – white cheddar popcorn plus M&Ms! Jan received a bouquet of flowers and assorted Lindt chocolates!

We arrived at Claytor Lake as the rains set in. Note to self: add the cellphone extender to the camper list, service out here is all but nonexistent.

We stopped by again this morning, showing them photos of Carys & Tavish at his birthday party yesterday. Apparently Carys thought the party was for her because of course it would be! LOL!

We called Charlie so he could say Hi to Ed & Jan too! All in all a very nice visit!

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