Too Many Books?

I’ve been wondering… Is it possible to have too many books? What about field guides and books by naturalists? I think not!

How about cookbooks? [The reason we have two “Joy of Cooking” is that one was given to Chris (he mastered grilled cheese & spaghetti with jarred sauce!) and the older one was my moms.]

But better than the cookbooks is mom’s wooden recipe box with handwritten splattered recipe cards!

Another wonderful collection on our bookshelves is all about natural medicine and herbal remedies. Oh, and all the books on organic gardening & growing veggies!

Of course there are classics I return to time and again. Charlie gave me a boxed paperback set of “The Hobbit” & “Lord of the Rings” for Christmas when I was in tenth grade. I didn’t take my nose out of those books til I finished the last page on New Years eve! I reread them yearly for over a decade. (I still remember my horror when Charlie gifted me “Bored of the Rings” a few years later – LOL!)

The first book is “The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady”. A beloved present from my parents on my 21st birthday! The Hitchhikers guide is a book I picked up in every airport bookstore to kill time waiting for flights. Flop it open to any page and you’ll be transported into Douglas Adams insanely funny world! “The Book of Tea” was a housewarming gift and is an utterly charming, rich read. “The Wild Garden” was a gift from Chris that I adore! The plaid book is the storybook mom & dad read to Charlie & I. I read it to Josh as a little kid and then I read it to his son Jack! Finally of course is “A Sand County Almanac”.

Then just for fun I give you the Deborah Harkness and Mary Stewart collections! Last but not least – our travel books!

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