Steamy Summertime Sojourn

Sadly our daughter-in-loves father passed last week. But making lemonade out of lemons is something we like to do so we took a last minute long weekend trip to Florida for the memorial service. We camped at South Carolina’s Sesquicentennial State Park on the way down and back. Ninety eight degrees in the shade!

The emptiness of the park may have also been due to this neck of South Carolina being rich in swampland… Nearby Congaree National Parks famous “Mosquito Meter” tells the tale!

Before reaching our Florida campsite we stopped in St Augustine for lunch with John (Chris’s best man) & his wife Nancy. Even at our shady picnic table it was a steamy 99… But we had a lovely lunch anyhow! When the poor pupster could no longer take the heat we said our goodbyes.


Camping in Charlie’s driveway was awesome. Tavish gave us a great french horn concert then turned us on to some excellent bands!

Lon’s memorial was very nice & we loved catching up with the kids and grandkids! (Soon to be great grandkids!) Juliette is due on Lon’s birthday next March 8th. Great grandparents?!? Wow! Our cups indeed runneth over!

It was great to spend a couple days catching up with friends and family! Plus introducing the teeny tiny T-Rex to Charlie, Tavish & Pam! (in addition to their wildly unimpressed kitty!)

Got home to find this bumpersticker in the mail from Beth Anne! What a wonderful addition to the door of our camper! And she sent a similar one for inside on the door to the bathroom!

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