American Exceptionalism?

I truly believe the America I knew & loved is gone forever. We are at the abyss. Putins disinformation campaign and the GQP have destroyed us. Rupert Murdoch aided & abetted this with Faux “News”. Trumps team came on with their “alternative facts”, up is now down, right is now wrong, & we as a people have been effectively divided into warring factions.

The Supreme Court is planning to completely overturn Roe v Wade. Apparently the GQP read “The Handmaids Tale” as a how to manual instead of a cautionary tale. Women will no longer have agency over their own bodies. The leaked draft opinion even referenced a need to increase the ‘Domestic supply of infants’… Considering the huge numbers of children in foster care who are not being adopted this argument is specious at best.

The second largest school massacre in American history happened this week. Nineteen fourth grade children & their two teachers were slaughtered. The Republicans updated their usual “thoughts & prayers” to add in “heartbreaking & horrific”. While still maintaining that no new gun control laws are needed.

Texas’s Beto O’Rourke confronted the Governor of Texas at a press conference about the shooting, saying this was on his hands.

The “explanations” of why the police stood outside and did nothing for an hour as nine & ten year olds were being slaughtered have been nauseating. There are videos of parents begging the police to act, even trying to enter the school themselves! One distraught mother was handcuffed.

One little girl covered herself in her best friends blood, pretending she was dead. Families had to give dna samples in order for the bodies to be identified – thay’s how mutilated they were. And yet GQP refuse to allow any discussion about gun control.

Other countries made drastic changes after a single massacre, since those changes took place they have not had another gun rampage.

Nauseated. Exhausted. Yet nothing will change as ammosexuals care more about their right to own weapons of war than about blood in our streets.

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