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Breaking Free!

This image perfectly represents something hubby & I call “bike time”. We were workaholics but after mom died we took a 3 month sabbatical to attempt the transam – biking across america unsupported on our tandem (in our late 50’s?) . It took over a month to shake the need to check in at work. About six weeks in we realized we were on “bike time”! We no longer even thought about work. We’ld just get up & start rolling down the road – free to do whatever piqued our fancy that day! We were no longer chained to our careers. We’ve never again let work consume our lives.

Dames Rocket & Spirea along the front walk
Tyrannosaurus Rex

It’s hard to believe but our klutzy little floof turns five months old today. He is almost exactly three times bigger than we got him, weighing in at almost 21 pounds, and he’s tall enough to easily use the bird bath as a water bowl! (He can put his paws on the counter to see what I’m cooking too… Must remember to shut the baby gate to the kitchen)

My Nature Journal

The Nature Journal I began in August 2008 is still growing! I began adding color to my sketches a couple years ago. I used to devote a full page to each species when I started but as pages began running low I upped it to two per. But now having filled 165 pages (with only five pages left in the book) I’m very simply annotating six per page.

To date I have identified:

6 mushrooms, 7 vines & ferns, 10 shrubs,
14 mammals, 16 reptiles & amphibians,
30 trees, 46 birds, 62 insects, 66 wildflowers!

Yesterday the Merlin app found twelve different birds in our yard! Some are just passing through. It will be interesting to see if new birds decide to take up residence due to the changing climate.

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