Rocking & Rolling in Rodanthe!

We loaded up the camper & the wee doglette to travel to the Outer Banks to celebrate Josh’s big day! His 40th birthday! (How can it possibly be that long ago…?) It was also finally time for Josh, Mel, Jack & Stella (their 2 year old aussie doodle) to meet Rex! Stella was NOT a fan of the enthusiastic bouncy puppy – nor of the attention her family gave him!

Windblown Pupster!

The first night brought quite the excitement when phone weather alerts went off in the dark of night warning of possible tornadoes!!! Chris went out and put the jacks down but the camper continued to shake, rattle & roll ominously as the winds howled & rain lashed down! Sleep was hard to come by but morning brought beautiful, if still breezy, weather. So off to the beach we went for kite flying, ocean fishing & introducing Rex to the ocean!

Rex LOVES the dry sand, and digging in it! He’s not so sure about the roaring waves crashing ashore, and definitely was not a fan of the wave that overtook him leaving his paws and tummy wet! Josh, however, was totally into ocean fishing – reeling in little puppy drum fish singles & pairs!

Jack & Rex contented themselves digging in the sand for quite a while and then the Sky Shark came out to play!

Hard to beat a shark kite flying high on the breezes over the beach!

Early afternoon we left the beach to put Rex-adoodle down for his nap in the camper and to let Josh try out the fishing sound side in our campground! I made us all a picnic lunch.

Mostly little crabs stole his shrimp bait but he did catch a cute little stingray! Another practically perfect day in paradise! As evening turned cold we all wandered into the kids new rPod to enjoy the spacious living room & lovely warm fire!

Popped outside again to watch the sun setting across the sound. Josh had the best seat in the house (more specifically – ON the house!)

THE BIG DAY ARRIVES!!! It’s April seventh & Josh’s 40th birthday! Mel, Jack, Grandpa & Grandma started the celebrations with a round of Putt-Putt golf where -to the shock & amazement of all – Grandma scored a hole in one!!!!

Then we took the birthday boy out to a truly *classy* restaurant for lunch – Dirty Dicks…

It was his choice, and the broiled seafood platter was beyond delicious! Truly fantastic food, and he received a birthday serenade with Key Lime pie!

April 8th was spent exploring the island. Rex managed to find a piece of driftwood soundside on his morning walk. He was SO proud of himself! Not a tree in sight yet HE, Rex, the mighty hunter himself found a piece of wood!!! He literally pranced all the way back to the camper!

After breakfast we went to Cape Hatteras Lighthouse which was a hit with one and all!

Jack adopted a baby plush turtle, which he named “Cutie”! All adoptions provide money to protect sea turtles too, so that’s cool!

Our final evening was sublime, we’ll be sorry to leave in the morning. It has been a wonderful vacation!

Our campers have both been called “The Dawg House” as we got them to travel with Jakie. Now Rex, The Champagne of Dogs, is in the house but Jakie’s spirit still watches over us. Here’s his new portrait over the camper door!

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