Rex-adoodle continues wrapping our hearts around his floppy paws! Went to his first puppy training class last Sunday (the only potty trained puppy there!) and at one point he sprawled on his back waiting for tummy rubs… The trainer declared “if he is this chill in a noisy new environment as a puppy, he is destined to be a chill dog!”

Later she gave Romeo treats to teach “Sit” then walked past us & across the room to teach the same to a hyper tiny pug when Rex channeled his inner Jake – sitting up saying “errrhmmmmmm” as if – “Wait, where’s MY treat?!?” Too funny!

But we’ve been practicing Focus, Sit, Come and “Do your business” all week and Rex continues to amaze. A truly smart, sweet little boy! “Little” but he’s growing SO quickly, eleven pounds now!

Last weekend we had our friends son come by to rake & weed the gardens. Amazing how much better the gardens look as a result!

When Mark came to pick up his son he brought little Gretal, a week old baby lamb who’s being bottle fed as her mom had triplets! Rex’s first lamb buddy!


Our friend Chris Baldwin dropped by to dig some forsythia & lilacs, & bring us a couple volunteer holly trees. He also brought the paintings of Jakie that we commissioned from his daughter Rebecca. Simply perfect!

4×5 for the camper

Completing our portrait wall is an 8×10 of Jake beside us!

Yesterday we took Rex to a local park. Just as we arrived our lovely spring day (with 30% chance of showers) changed to a winter blizzard with fat wet snowflakes! Best laid plans….

Home we drove with heat blasting to warm the shivering puppy, as the sun came out. So we took him for a walk in our field instead! He raised his right paw folding his leg back in perfect pointer position peering into the woods intently when a huge gust of wind suddenly struck knocking the pup over! Such a sweet confused look came over his little face! Weird weather indeed!

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