Last night seventh seed Virginia Tech basketball team crushed Duke, winning Tech’s first ACC Title ever! And making history as the only 7th seed team to ever win the ACC! This gives them a ticket to the dance – March Madness!

And, yes, we celebrated with breakfast pizza this morning as we rewatched the game! You have to savor whatever little victories life hands you, after all!

Puppy love continues!

Doom scrolling the news in Ukraine for the past weeks has been soul crushing. President Zelensky and the Ukrainian people have been totally awe inspiring as Putin relentlessly attacks. One widely shared photo shows an elderly woman handing heavily armed Russian invaders sunflower seeds – telling them “Put sunflower seeds in your pockets so they grow on Ukraine soil when you die.”

Putins cruelty increasing as his set backs accrue. His troops committing atrocities and war crimes, targeting civilians, hospitals, churches. In the few towns he has conquered his police arrest the politicians and install their puppets in power. Trump, who was first impeached for attempting to blackmail Zelensky, called Putins actions “savvy” and “very smart”.


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