Puppy Love

Rex – wee doglette – a whirlwind, tiny tornado who has definitely blown the cobwebs out of our lives!

Each day brings new discoveries- he is delighted by sticks, pinecones, and the great big outdoors! So many things to smell! So much exploring to do! He careens between boisterous exuberance & utter exhaustion. He’s learning the house rules quickly, and seems to be a really smart boy – but he’s still *boy* enough to be mischievous too!

He suffers from a serious case of FOMO too! (Fear Of Missing Out) As a result when he crashes he makes sure it’s atop one of our feet, so if we move he’ll be alerted!

Funny funny thing happened yesterday on our walk to the mailbox. Rex found an extraordinarily amazing stick – about 6″ long with clusters of pinecones on either end. He was THRILLED! Who knew such a wondrous thing existed!

Rex with his prize!

Fast forward to this morning when Rex spied his amazing stick again… He stepped on one set of pinecones and the stick sprung up bopping his nose with the other set of pinecones! So he tried again, same result. So he backed up and bounced atop the stick, breaking pinecones off one end! Success!!!! He was SO PROUD of his effort, prancing off with the pinecone cluster in his mouth!

So much love in such a wee package. Seven pounds of delightful playfulness! We gave him his first bath yesterday – he was NOT a fan, LOL! Then after he was dry I used our woodsy scent detangling spray and combed out his coat to remove any tangles. He smells fabulous now! Which is good because he sleeps in our bed, and as *everyone* knows MY nose is sensitive enough to smell a flea fart at 500 feet!

Oh, and his nametag arrived today so I put it on his collar. Then he started fussing at his water bowl- turns out the name tag made noise bumping against the water bowl – LOL! I sat with him and all is better now !

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