Rex, Long May He Reign!

We decided we needed another silly dirtbag to make us laugh, as Jakie left such a hole in our lives. But a smaller furbeast, hopefully endowed with Jakes huge heart and gentle spirit. So we rolled the dice and ended up falling for a mini labradoodle!

So we loaded up the camper Friday. Got on the road predawn Saturday to drive up to New Jersey to adopt him!

Chris had already picked a name perfect for him – Rex. Short for T-Rex, King of the Dinosaurs! After all, if he’s gonna be part of *our* pack he has to be either lizard, or evolved lizard (aka: Birds!)

Here he is, ready to take his first road trip to Auntie Beth Anne & Uncle Robs house in Maryland! Boy did he score too! They had two stuffed dinosaurs for him, tucked inside a volcano! And a squeaky moose! And treats!!! To say he stole their hearts is a major understatement!

We had so much fun watching the fluffy little klutzy floof exploring the kitchen, visiting everyone for snuggles, and attacking his volcano for the kibble inside! So funny!

Of course being part of Clan O’Brien this momentous day had to be memorialized, so I present our first family photos!

When Rex collapsed, sleeping, with his head in the volcano we decided it was time to take him to the camper. So many firsts in a single day!

Sunday morning we enjoyed a delicious breakfast & glorious conversations with Beth Anne & Rob! They truly are the best kind of people, and total hoots! Then we set off for home after adding the state of Maryland to our map (bonus!!!)

A Man & His Dawg!

He is full of personality, refuses pee pads in favor of being taken outside to a patch of grass, and is a total snuggle bunny! This wee doglette (as Auntie BA describes him) is totally adorable. 💕

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