Winter Blues

It’s been twenty-eight days since last we saw grass at our place. Twenty-eight days of glaring white. What started as snow has been rendered by thaw/refreeze cycles into a slick white ice a couple inches thick.

Can’t help but wonder how the crocuses and daffodils are faring. Their noses were up quite hopefully as the first snow started falling January third. We’re in for more winter weather in the weeks ahead. Nights in the teens, days barely hitting forty degrees. This has been the first winter in over a decade to have the ground covered in snow for a month solid! Only the second such winter in all the years we’ve lived here.

The last time was December 18, 2009 when “The Beast of 2009!” hit dumping a whopping thirty inches of snow over two days! We still had snow six inches deep on January tenth when another ten inches of soft fluffy snow arrived. Snow covered fields received an additional four inches on February second and then on February fifth “Snowmaggeddon” hit with over two feet more, this time heavy wet destructive stuff. From December 18, 2009 to February 20, 2010 our property was accessed only via pathways carved through the snow. A path up the driveway, another up to the woodpile in the upper orchard which continued over to the chicken coop. We gotten wiser and moved the woodpile down to the driveway at the end of the sidewalk this year.

Our newest addition – Tigger!

Chris decided Eeyore was lonely, so we ordered up Tigger! They are wearing their Michigan fraternity & sorority pins while holding hands. I think we can all agree that Eeyore is looking happier!

And just like that life took an awful turn for the worse…

We got heartbreaking news today. Jakie-boy has been under the weather off & on for almost a week. Even tho he has his bounce back today, I took him to our vet Donnie. Turns out Jakie had a tumor on his spleen and it has ruptured. The blood filling his abdominal cavity explains his lack of appetite. The bleeding stops, blood gets absorbed back into his body & his appetite returns . Sadly the cancer has spread to his liver as well, so Donnie says it’s likely in his lymph nodes also. He says Jakie is not in pain, and will likely die peacefully from a large bleed in days or months. On rare occasion he has seen dogs live with this for a year, but usually it is much quicker. I guess 2022 is going to be every bit as much of a son of a bitch as 2020 & 2021.

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