National Park Dreams

I am getting a wee bit of cabin fever these days… So very ready to load up the camper, hubby and the dawg for another adventure exploring America!

I bought a National Parks poster coloring book a couple years before the world shut down. I then started coloring in the parks we have been to, which is a fun activity evenings in the camper! Brought the book in from the truck camper yesterday, decided that being stuck at home can let me start catching up on park posters!

If I can’t see the parks in person yet at least I can relive the memories as I color the posters.

the very first effort, i bought a deluxe 80 color pencil set shortly after!
Just did this one today!

I have ten completed, and ten more to go. Maybe I can catch up before we head west to see Merry in May? I do hope we can go to Michigan this year to do the lighthouse loop around Lake Michigan and see Ed. Meanwhile coloring will have to suffice my wanderlust.

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