Lovely Splurge!

We asked dear friend Chris Baldwins daughter Rebecca to paint a portrait of us. We chose one of my very favorite photos – Chris & I at his cousins wedding shortly before our own. The reason I love ๐Ÿ’• this image is Christophers “cat who ate the canary” grin!

Now, the photo has Chris appropriately attired in suit & tie, but honestly that type formality is SO not us, so we asked for his Washington Capitals jersey to be used instead!

I am thrilled with this portrait! It now hangs in our great room in place of pride directly in front of our chairs. Rebecca Ryan does simply stunning work!

I’m getting ready to cook up pineapple habanero stir fry with chicken & safron rice for lunch. Obviously covid cooking continues! But looks like I need to get the fires going first as its only 13 degrees outside. And just like that it has started snowing again!

Ps: Late last night the snow turned to sleet. About 8″ of frosty white stuff. So hardened that Jakie didn’t even break through the ice topped snow when he went out! (and the old boy also never left the deck to wee…)

Check out the photo above. In the lower right is the wooden bench, all you can see of it is the armrest! The little pond and rose bushes are completely buried.

But we have shoveled a path up the driveway, have a pot of split pea soup simmering and we still have internet! So all is good!

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