Days of Infamy

Pearl Harbor. 9/11. January 6, 2021. The anniversary of last year’s attempted coup at the Capital came and went. The memories of that heinous day are still vivid and raw. The GQP’s attempt to rewrite history is nauseating. And sadly justice is moving at a snails pace. Tho over 700 of the rioters have been charged, so far zero organizers, promoters, or financiers have. And the Defeated Former Guy is still spewing his vile lies about election fraud, cheered on by his psychopathic sycophants.

However life goes on and Covid cooking continues! Chili, curry, chicken veggie stew – we have it all!

We had another three inches of snow, this time the light fluffy kind! It has finally begun to melt but with night time temps of 11 degrees it may be a while.

At last we’re back to walking (& riding the rollers on indoor bikes when we can’t). Sadly other travel is on hold again as Covid-19 variant Omicron rages across the country (and the world). I think we will plan a camping trip to Newport News park in a week or two, to take The Biiiike out for a spin on the trails there! Would also let us get the gnomes back to Cousin Larry before I get too attached to them(!)

If we ever get internet back (been out for 8 days now, ever since the big snow) I’ll be able to start planning our trip to Michigan to see Merry’s brother Ed and our next trip to Washington state to see Merry as well. Not gonna lie, I am SO over Covid at this point and totally ready to load up the camper and hit the open road again!

Meanwhile to keep my spirits up I’m googling nudibranches on my phone (aka: sea slugs) Such glorious creatures! Nature Is Amazing!

Forgot to mention the tree hydrangea that was toppled by the heavy wet snow… We went out to free it & found its roots were being pulled out of the ground!!! It is so massive & heavy that we couldn’t fully “right” it so we had to use wooden ladders to prop it up. Here’s hoping it makes it.

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