Werz Family Christmas !

Headed south for the holly days in sunny Florida! It was nice to leave the bitter cold behind. We drove to Santee state park to split the drive into manageable stress free chunks. Our campsite had wonderful lake views through pines & live oaks dripping with spanish moss.

The campground was mostly empty, which is great! Last year it was hard to find socially distanced camping as SO many people bought RVs & took to camping in state parks for extended periods because their kids were doing school online due to the pandemic.

The next morning we cruised down to Flagler Beach where we had ocean front camping at Treasure by the Sea, a tiny RV park. Charlie & Pam took us to The Deck Down Under for outside dining on the water. The masses of catfish swarming for snacks tossed off the deck provided great amusement, as did the flocks of pelicans! And sunset over the water was sublime.

The next day we picked up Tavish & brought him back to Charlie’s! The trip home treated us to a gorgeous rainbow. That evening Tavish delighted us with a recital on his french horn! He’s really good!

am I the only one thinking Tron?

Tron was a 1982 sci-fi classic – A computer hacker is abducted into the digital world and forced to participate in gladiatorial games where his only chance of escape is with the help of a heroic security program.

But back to reality… Every morning we walk the beach, enjoying warm breezes, the fresh salt air, silly sand birds, and surf. Simply heavenly.

I think experiences like this have become all the more precious & awe inspiring after the pandemic kept us locked in our own little bubble. A delightful bubble of rural country life in the mountains, but still locked in a very small area. It made us really grateful to be able to visit other places. And we are SO happy to be enjoying Christmas in person again!!!

Jakie-boy celebrated his 12th birthday with ham & bacon! He’ll get his traditional steak back home, never fear, we know Jakie always gets birthday steak!

Our Florida family tradition of putt-putt golf “Christmas eve” continues! This year it was Christopher who scored the hole in one!!! Much to Tavish’s chagrin his papa beat him once again … BUT a totally new twist in the tradition was added! Feeding ALLIGATORS! Talk about upping our game! Well done Charlie!

clearly we need to work on our selfie game…

On winter solstice we arrived back at our campsite after dark again. Simply amazing, it was a full moon & the beauty of moonlight illuminating the wispy clouds & glistening on the waves as they crashed ashore in all their frothy glory was breathtaking! We toasted solstice with Buzzed Bee meadery Ginger Snap mead- think alcoholic gingerbread cookies! Only even better!

Hearing the ocean roaring is the lullaby of my childhood. Tonight mother ocean will sing me to sleep again!

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