Happy Holly Days!

Our Werz family festivities in Florida were fabulous!!! We celebrated with Charlie & Pam, Tavish, Keri, Mason & Carys!

At one point Carys attempted to sneak into our camper and become a little stowaway!

We decided to spend our Werz family Christmas night camping in Charlie’s driveway so we could all hang out together! A wonderful evening all told with Charlie & Chris enjoying scotch while playing War Thunder with Tavish. Pam & I started watching a lovely movie but I bailed after an hour when it took a decidedly dark turn, so I finished the evening watching The Sound of Music on the huge tv in the living room with the guys- much more my style!

Chris, Jakie & I roadtripped back to Virginia, sad to leave the sunny shores but happy to be home again…

And look what greeted us on our arrival!!!

We have fires roaring in the fireplaces, with happy puppy snuggled up beside. Baby it’s cold outside! But we’re cozy & settling in for a quiet Chris & Marianne christmas tomorrow!

Life Is Good!

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