Holly Days with Cousin Larry!

First off a momentous event which gave me great joy – my guppy had babies for the first time since the pandemic began!

Friday Chris & I loaded up the camper & dawg (with his new electric heating pad bed!) and moseyed on over to Newport News campground! We have the *best* site & wonderful lake views!

We decorated both indoors and out! Very festive!

Once the sun set we drove over to see Newport News holiday light display. It was nothing short of spectacular!

Saturday Cousin Larry & Shea picked us up for a glorious picnic lunch at Pierces Pit BBQ! Thus sustained we drove over to tour Colonial Williamsburg in all its festive glory! We even saw Santa cruising on his motorcycle with plates saying “Born2bJolly”!

Back at the campsite with Jakie, watching rose colored clouds lazily drifting past & enjoying frosty beverages! I hear a squirrel scampering through the branches then… thud! Klutz squirrel lost his grip and landed on the ground in a pile of leaves. Stunned squirrel sits up & looks around as if to say “No one saw that, right?” LOL!

It got a bit too nippy outside so I’m in the camper bundled up in a cozy polar fleece blanket watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer & Frosty the Snowman!

Practically perfect weekend in every way! Life.Is.Good!

When we got home I broke out the putty & paints to repair & refresh Cousin Larry’s garden gnomes. Looking pretty spiffy if you ask me! And right at home on my hearth too, hmmm…!

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