Fantastic Fall Weekend!

We met up with our good friend Chris & his family in Harrisonburg for brunch at a restaurant where his eldest daughter was having an art show! Good food, great paintings & lots of laughter!

From there we headed to the farm that she & her husband own to enjoy the ultimate autumn experience – apple butter! This particular copper pot began its life eons ago as part of a bootleg moonshiners still!

Goodies from the farm!

Then today Grandpa took off from work so we could collect our very favorite young man & go to the zoo! Perhaps the funniest moment was when we stopped at the rhinoceros habitat… When the rhino started pooping, Jack averted his eyes & walked away declaring “We should give him some privacy!”

THIS from a boy who had been regaling us all day with comments about the butt cheeks? And farts? LOL!

He correctly identified the flamingos and told us why they are pink!

He & I went into the budgie habitat and were able to convince a teal colored budgie to sit on our stick – the bird was nicely color coordinated with Grandma’s hair!

Jack thinks his Grandma’s ‘blue’ hair is cute! His highest praise!!! All in all a practically perfect weekend in every way!

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