September Cycling!

I am extremely pleased with our progress cycling! We are up to 7 miles on our weekday rides, which includes the biggest hill so far. We easily hit 10 hilly miles for the weekend ride a couple weeks ago so we are aiming for at least 12 (possibly even 15! ) this weekend! But 74 miles biking this month in addition to 55 miles walking is awesome!

Last Friday we packed up the dawg, kayak & camper for a trip to Lake Fairfax Park! Been far too long since we took the camper out! The park is really nice, has spacious sites, and a brilliant water park to check out with Jack next year! Lazy river, pool, slides… Sadly the lake was a bit low due to this years drought, and covered in nasty algae slime so there was no way our new kayak was going into that disgusting gunk! A cyclist sped past on one of the many cycling trails and Chris noticed his jersey – Bike Lane Brewery. Could it be that our local bike shop in Northern Virginia The Bike Lane had survived and thrived? It was owned by an adorable young couple, Todd & Ann. We bought our custom mountain bikes there back around 2001/2002.

Indeed it had!!! We wandered over to check it out and wow! We tried a couple beers – the Love, a chocolate coffee stout is fantastic! Bought some to savor back at the campsite & as we were leaving we bumped into Todd. He actually remembered us not for the mountain bikes but because we had our tandem!

Kinda cool blast from the past!

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