Biking, Boating, & Boogying!

We’ve been busy beavers of late! So much has been happening, all good! We finally got The Bike tuned up and on the road again the first week of September. The first rides were six hilly miles, then on the third ride we went eight miles. We bike Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and continue our six mile walks on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday! That leaves Sunday FunDay… oh yea, baby, we have TOTALLY got that covered too!

Lumberjacking has indeed given me toned arms and shoulders, and the ability to pick up Jack again. Had I mentioned how HUGE he is now? Speaking of Jack last Sunday/FunDay we took Jack to Tufton Pond to try out our newest toy – a twelve foot, two or three person inflatable kayak! A great time was had by all!

Our friend Chris had been talking about getting a kayak, which kind of spurred us into action. Another fun activity we can do with him, and with Debbie & Leo perhaps? They already have kayaks! This particular kayak is absolutely brilliant for us as it fits in a backpack so it can ride on top of the Yeti cooler in the back seat of The Truuuuck when we go camping!

Biking, boating, and next up – boogying! We found two square dance clubs that require proof of vaccination status & masks to dance! How sweet is THAT?!? One in Herndon, Va and the other in Baltimore. I have booked us campsites (BONUS: Maryland will add a new state to our campers map!) and we’re going to get out our boogie shoes like the dancing fools we are! Now to see if we remember HOW to square dance, I’m hoping the moves are still lurking somewhere in my muscle memory… But, whatever, it’s all about moving and having FUN!

Chris took the day off & we went to Lewis Ginter Gardens on the anniversary of Mumsy’s death because – mother & gardens, peas in pod! And, because I am my Mothers daughter, of course I brought home some purloined seeds…


I wore Mothers beautiful gold charm bracelet. It has antique movable charms, like a boot that opens to have a Santa pop out! A lady golfer who swings her club! It has the Eiffel Tower mom bought when I took her to Paris for a long weekend, and a crown she bought when Charlie & I took her to England, Scotland, and Wales! An anchor to celebrate Josh in the Navy, the USMC charm for dad, her high school emblem. So many memories!

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