Lizards, Free Roaming Style!

The exterior of our Lance 850 truck camper needed a little (ok, a LOT) more personality. Clearly.

I thought to myself “Self, what could be more perfect than LIZARDS scampering about?!?” That started my quest for the perfect reptilian additions…

And if I may say so – I think I succeeded brilliantly!!! So without further delay, allow me to present the latest Lizards in our hood! These hardy souls live on the back of the camper, greeting folks as they walk up!

A few lizards decided life indoors was more to their liking – air conditioning in the summer, safe from the rain… who in their right mind could blame them?

Those who know us well may remember the neon colored marzipan geckos on our wedding cake (much to my dear Mumsy’s dismay)! But whimsical has always kind of been our style – otherwise I doubt the theme of our wedding would have been Looney Tunes!You don’t stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing!

Based on THAT logic Chris & I should be immortal! Oh, and the stickers I ordered for our last road trip arrived and have found their home in the camper near the resident winged lizard!

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