Camping with the Kids!

Camping at our favorite spot – Newport News Park – with our favorite camping buddy, Jack & his folks! A “Howl-o-Scream” birthday celebration! Friday night Cousin Larry dropped by to visit and shortly after he left Josh, Mel & Jack pulled into their campsite with Stella!

We got to keep Jack Friday night while Mel, Josh, Juliette & her boyfriend Michael all hit Busch Gardens for the adult night time Howl-o-Scream extravaganza!

Terrifying!!! Fortunately we three & Jake were all snug in our truck camper watching “Frosty the Snowman” & “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer “.

Saturday morning we let Jacks parental units sleep in while we explored the park & took Jakie for long walks. After a scrumptious breakfast of yogurt & scrambled eggs with hot chocolate we were ready to open some birthday presents!

We gave Jack the most adorable animatronic Baby Yoda! It even snores when it lays down, it was proclaimed “So cute!” by Jack!

It’s always great when a present is a hit! Saturday afternoon Juliette & Michael returned and everyone headed over to Busch Gardens except Grandma & Grandpa because we were ready to relax & hit bed early as Jack kept us on our toes all day!

Sunday morning was a loads of fun with Jacks new wacky remote control car! Sucker can flip over and keep on going! Oh – and Stella & Jakie finally met – what a hoot! Stella was playing little Miss Tough Guy while Jake ignored her. He is far more a people dog than a dog dog… When he finally noticed her – cowabunga! Major tough guy act fail as she ran away, very quickly! When she eventually realized he was truly a gentle giant all was good!

All in all a practically perfect weekend in all respects!

Update: Jack so loves his Baby Yoda that he changed his Halloween costume from Luca to the Mandalorian so he can be Baby Yodas protector!!!

Been awhile so – political cartoon time:

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