Farewell Tide Pools

Our last visit to “our” tide pool was exquisite! We arrived an hour earlier & were well rewarded! We saw an area of rock where high tide would be *over* Chris’s head – absolutely starfish & anemone heaven!

Back at camp the camp host told us that Pacific City will pave over the Webb County campground next year in order to get more $10 a day parking. There will still be some campsites in the back of the parking lot but, sadly, the rustic ambience & bunnies will be gone. Campers show up with stories of camping here as tots & feeding the bunnies only to return as adults with their kids or grandkids to see the bunnies! So, sadly, we said goodbye to the camp bunnies! The route from the shore to Corvallis took us across not one, not two, not three, but FOUR single lane bridges!!!

We spent a couple delightful hours visiting Sue before rolling on out to our campsite near Crater Lake National Park!

The heat dome has returned and it was high 90’s when we pulled into camp, with a massive wildfire northwest of us and another wildfire southeast. Smoke advisories are in effect.

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