Pacific Pleasures, NWR Style!

Today we saw a totally different side of the Oregon coast, touring two National Wildlife Refuges! We saw Siletz Bay NWR and Nestucca Bay NWR! (which brings our NWR count up to 23!)

We also stopped oceanside to see Proposal Rock and the petrified forest, which is only visible at low tide. Checked out the tide pools at Lincoln City beaches as well, but “our” tide pools still win! We hoped to find one of the glass ‘floats’ hidden on Lincoln Beach each day but, alas, the float fairies 🧚let us down.

Came back to the campsite early afternoon to chill out! Tomorrow we see Merrys sister Sue and then head to Crater Lake National Park. Which should be an amazing start for the trip back to the east coast. Not gonna lie, Oregon has been totally awesome!!!

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