Camping on the Oregon Coast

Tuesday 6 July we watched dory boats launching into the waves from the beach across from our Webb County Campground in Pacific City! Then walked over to the base of the cliff to check out the tide pools!

Drove north to Tillamook where we took the Trees to Sea route, followed by the Three Capes route! We saw Cape Meares lighthouse, and the 3 Arches National Wildlife Preserve!

Gorgeous beaches and rocky shorelines galore!

Today (7/7/21) we headed south to Yachats! Saw seals sunning themselves in Alsea bay, more amazing ocean views in Perpetua, and a second lighthouse – Yaquina Bay light!

Finally – we saw a gray whale in Depoe bay! Chris saw it spout spray and I saw its back rise up before sinking below the waves! Another practically perfect day in paradise!

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