Visiting Merry!

We camped in Carnation at the Tolt MacDonald state park while visiting Merry 1 July thru the morning of 5 July. Wonderful peaceful oasis of nature hidden amidst the noisy bustle of Seattle suburbs.

We visited Merry each day, walking the garden path around Peters Creek! It is amazing to us how much different Merry is in person. Zoom calls can hide her changes, but not one on one… She is forgetting people, thinks Tom died in 1960? It’s very sad to see this wonderful woman disappearing. Alzheimers sucks. We rearranged her room, turning the bookcase so she can see it from her recliner and placing her stuffed animals on it, hanging artwork on her walls! Merry loves the changes. We brought in a feast for lunch on Saturday – a variety of Thai appetizers, tom kha & tom yum soups, plus pad Thai chicken! We gorged ourselves – twas utterly delish!

Merrys friend Marj painted these otters for her! We also got to see dear friend Nancy!

Chris & I walked miles each day on trails in the reclaimed Bear creek area with an amazing variety of native plants riotously intermingling! It was glorious! Benches were thoughtfully placed at “scenic overviews” long since totally overgrown with total abandon! Here and there an animal trail provided a glimpse of a wetland or pond, but mostly the area was enjoyed by listening to the chorus of a multitude of birds & frogs singing & calling! Queen Annes lace & chicory towered over me! Wild foxglove, lupine, goatsbeard & thistles lined the verges! Heavenly! Massive hedgerows of wild roses grew with abandon – intermingled with Oregon grape! And, yes, I did pick some obliging seed heads & rosehips & such to bring home a bit of the wild to our yard. šŸ˜Š I am, after all, my Mothers daughter!

On the fourth we walked the Sammamish river trail. Lovely views of the river rippling over the shallows. Smooth river rock beaches, towering pines!

Our final morning we walked the swaying suspension bridge over the Sammamish river!

We then visited Merry and her cat Angel after breakfast!

We brought her a caramel mocha cappuccino from Starbucks and a double chocolate brownie to snack on, then we were off on the road again, just can’t wait to be on the road again! Sharing laughter & good times on the road with just me & my man! Onward to the Oregon coast!

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  1. Great pics. Very nice that you were finally able to visit with Merry. I agreeā€¦.Alzheimerā€™s sucks. The Oregon coast is gorgeousā€¦.me and Christie drove along it many many years ago. Have fun. Safe travels too. Love you

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