Off to See America!

We are SO ready for a complete change of pace. Have homemade lasagna, slumgullion, meatloaf & mac-n-cheese in the freezer for Cousin Larry plus his fave pot roast ready in the slowcooker for lunch today (6/25/2021)!

The camper is cleaned & packed! Ready to roll! So after a hearty breakfast we’ll set off across America.

(6/26) Heading west to see Merry in Redmond, Wa for the first time since Feb 2020 when the pandemic began! So much has happened since, endured in isolation. Thank heaven for Zoom calls where we can see each other as we talk!

We traversed the twisty rollercoaster roads of West Virginia, thru the gently rolling croplands of Ohio, transitioning to pancake flat of Indiana was dotted with bright red barns as far as the eye could see! Crossing Illinois then Iowa – corn & soybeans change to crops & cattle. In Nebraska the first irrigation systems appear, the land of circular crops! Wind farms sprouted up in the dry high plains, lazily swooping turbine blades high above the sage brush, sheep & horses. Western Nebraska & Wyoming were peas in a pod but Idaho brought brilliant bluffs & buttes!

(6/30) Finally western Oregon and our favorite Harvest Host – Copper Belt Winery! This was our fourth stay, thank goodness Travis provides us with electricity as it was 102 degrees in the shade…!

His new Elevation wine has totally lived up to his previous effort! We purchased cute polar wine tumblers which kept our wine perfectly chilled as we sipped! Life Is Good! Vacation time has officially started! Tomorrow to Redmond, Washington and Merry!

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