Chilling with Charlie!

Loaded up the camper & motored south on our first post vaccine adventure! Stayed at Santee state park in South Carolina  on our way to Charlie’s.

Once at Charlie’s we wandered over to the outdoor tiki hut at Deck Down Under to savor scallops & shrimp, a wonderful seafood extravaganza enjoyed while watching pelicans fly by! The next day was the putt-putt challenge where Charlie scored a hole in one, much to Tavish’s chagrin.

Keri, Mason, & little Carys came over to hang out & enjoy a BBQ. Charlie, our grillmaster, served us delicious hamburgers, hot dogs and grilled corn on the cob! Funday Sunday was all about the beach – playing in the ocean & walking on the jetty where *BONUS* we saw a sea turtle swimming in the ocean!!!

Charlie & I had bemoaned the fact that mothers gardenia had not bloomed for either of us last year or this. So extra bonus – as Tavish & I ate on the lanai we spied a white spot! The gardenia had not one, but TWO blossoms!

When we arrived back home I was thrilled to see buds on my gardenia as well. 💕


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