Masked & Fully Vaxxed Memorial Day Weekend

Masked, & fully vaxxed we tentatively ventured out amongst the masses! Felt a bit odd walking into a store after 15 months of isolation, not gonna lie. It was also a little freaky seeing how many folks shun masks indoors at stores. However, we persevered! We were on a mission to (finally) replace Chris’s broken recliner. Success!!! We then bought the makings for a glorious salad, words cannot begin to describe how scrumptious that salad was! I’ve been craving salad for months!

And we totally splurged on shrimp & steaks to BBQ with our friend Chris Baldwin!

When I say “splurged”, read 1 1/2 pound Wagyu steak, plus 1 1/2 pound ribeye! Baked potato, grilled corn plus a lovely watermelon for dessert!

It’s a Memorial Day weekend celebration, totally embracing our new fully vaxxed freedom! The ability to safely socialize with our friends & family once more!

We played corn hole, & bocci balls. Relaxing post feast under the shade of a massive tulip poplar while Griffon (a very tenacious little dawg) attempted to “teach” hubby how to play fetch. Griffon decided hubby was a little slow… LOL!

We should be safe from Covid 19 now, at least until a vaccine resistant variant arises due to the antivax maskhole covidiots.

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