May the 4th be with you!

Happy Star Wars day! May the fourth be with you!

The merriment will continue until the Return of the Sixth! (Yes, I am that easily amused!)

My new rosebushes are starting to bloom, as is the bleeding heart.

We spotted the first box turtles of the year on this mornings walk. We moved two of their hissing little selves from the road to the verges. They apparently do not like being lifted, but I *really* don’t like seeing squished turtle shells, so they simply must accept the “assistance”!

Tree tunnels fully leafed out, almost feels oppressive after such open vistas autumn thru spring. Oh, and todays new wildflower was a lovely lyre-leaved sage!

Richly rumbling thunder fills the air as lightning flashes & dark gray clouds taunt us with the possibility of rain… Now the relaxing sound of raindrops gently splashing the leaves! I adore thunderstorms & hope it continues for hours and hours!

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