Reveling & Rejoicing!

Yesterday we celebrated our 27th anniversary, & today we honored May day/Beltane walking the Peace Path – where the first milkweed leaves are peeking out over the grasses.

A splendid surprise greeted us on our walks this past week – a glorious patch of Showy Orchis!

Mother Nature did a little pruning as well, with gusts of wind up to 43 mph strewing the road with leaves, tulip poplar & paulownia flowers.

“We meet outside, witnessing the promise of spring & the power of the waxing year, in the beauty of nature & the warmth of the sun to celebrate our union as we join together in the exuberant dance of life!” my wedding vows from 27 years ago! Bright Blessings of Beltane, and a magical throwback image of Merry & her dear friends dancing around the Maypole.

The shaft of life is twined in a spiral web & all of nature is renewed! Life Is Good!

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