Woodland Sprites!

Our forest glen is positively enchanting with dogwood, redbud and forsythia blooming simultaneously!

It is entirely possible that my enthusiasm for calling out the name of each wildflower or tree passed on our walks has been a tad excessive. My smartass hubby Chris pointed to the ditch saying “Look, it’s a woodland sprite!” It was a woodland ‘sprite’ in a way. An empty sprite soda bottle discarded roadside… He was SO very proud of himself too, I laughed out loud! Clearly we are quite the pair, pair of what I am not sure. But we do keep each other amused!

Todays stroll was a sweetly perfumed delight as honeysuckle has come into bloom! More glorious scenery from our five mile walk!

Everything is leafing out and greening up! The stroll was another exhilarating experience of identifying birds by ear as well. Phoebe, Cardinal, Tufted Titmouse, Carolina Chicadee & Carolina Wren!

The Carolina Wren sings “chewy chewy chewy” alternating with “teacher teacher”!

This beauty sings a more melodic version of “teacher, teacher”!

This fellow was doing metallic chip calling, but they also have several beautiful songs.

Sigh… Don’t these birds have any common courtesy? Multiple songs for the poor beleagered birder to learn?!? Why can’t they be as kind as the phoebe, who simply serenades us with her name? Or the catbird whose song is a kittens “mew”?

Spring ephemerals continue popping up as well.

Rue Anemone

Large image for Thalictrum thalictroides (rue anemone ...

Star Chickweed


Be Here Now.

life is good!

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