R.I.P. Prince Philip

Today was the funeral of Prince Philip. It was so sad to see Her Majesty The Queen sitting alone at the funeral. They were married 73 years!

I’m thankful for my wonderful family & friends. Thankful for having received my first FauciOuchie, the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine. For living in five acres in the country during this Covid-19 pandemic & for Benjamin Franklin Bear. He has been with me since my sophmore year in college. My boyfriend at the time, GH, bought him for me at spring break in DC. His flannel shirt & overalls are decorated with Boy Scout badges I “earned” in Ireland a decade later!

BF Bear is named after Benjamin Franklin ‘Hawkeye’ Pierce of the tv show MASH. I flew to Ireland alone to celebrate my 30th birthday. As I wandered about that first day trying to stay awake suddenly hail started pelting down. I dove under a shop awning where a Boy Scout struck up a conversation with me. He invited me home for dinner then his sister took me out for a pub crawl. The next morning I joined them at the Scout Jamboree!

My extremely hungover self managed to complete the obstacle course and was made an honorary scout!

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