Sussing Serenaders via Songs!

Lovely spring morning! Todays walk presented us with two new spring ephemerals! Subtle, soft, fuzzy pussy-toes & the exuberantly dazzling Fire Pink!

The purple veined rosette next to the Fire-Pink is rattlesnake weed – another wildflower which will bloom later this spring!

Bird song filled the air as Phoebes trilled their name. Cardinals voiced their metallic clicks, crows cawed, plus a myriad of other voices yet unidentified.

I’ve been enjoying the Merlin Bird Id app. It gives me a list birds most likely to be here now!

In the app I can select a bird then listen to its songs & calls. I’m embarking on a challenge to learn birding by ear! It’s mentally stimulating and extremely satisfying when I get it right! Proving that my immersion in bird song is paying off – today I identified a tufted titmouse by its “peter, peter, peter” song! And a downy woodpecker by its drumming!

On the homefront we have Virginia bluebells & dogwood starting to bloom! The peonies noses are up as well.

Chris joined the Pfizer Family yesterday by getting vaccinated. He said “You can call me Hamilton, cuz I’m not throwing away my shot!”

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