Tomorrow Can’t Come Soon Enough

We strolled almost 4 miles again today! A bright blue sky with cotton puff clouds, it was a chilly 38 degrees.

My fitbit says we climbed the 23 flights of stairs in just over an hour.

Tomorrow Joe Biden & Kamala Harris will take their oaths of office, such a mess they will inherit.

FBI & DOJ have now charged some of the insurrectionists of Jan 6th with conspiracy. While pundits & some R politicos are claim the violence was caused by antifa pretending to be MAGA.

We have now passed 400,000 American deaths from Covid-19. Trump has never spoken about the horrific loss of life, but this afternoon Pres Elect Joe Biden held a memorial event.

I hope he can begin to rehabilitate our nations reputation around the world. I pray that the scandal of the January 6th attempt to violently overthrow the government will put a stake in Trumpisms heart. May the prosecution of hundreds involved dampen the zeal of the keyboard warriors & disrupt the network of white supremacists & sovereign citizen militias.

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