Impeached After Inciting Insurrection

Trump is FIRST President to be impeached TWO TIMES. Not only in a single term, in a single year no less.

More and more evidence keeps piling up. Clearly well trained militias were among the traitors who over ran the Capitol on January 6th. They were organized and well funded.

Fortunately the FBI is all over this and has made hundreds of arrests so far.

How much more damage can Trump and his traitorous toadies inflict? Trump still has NOT conceded the election, and says he never will which leads his followers to falsely believe he could remain president.

Insanity. This is why in Washington tens of thousands of fully armed National Guard are stationed at checkpoints around a heavily fortified DC. Three more days til the inauguration… Seems like an eternity.

There is some levity however…

Sad commentary from political cartoonists.

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