Biden/Harris Inauguration

To date the outgoing administration has not mentioned the horrific death toll. Trump still has not conceded the election, never invited Biden to the White House, Melania never invited Dr. Jill Biden to see the private quarters. The Trumps never extended an invitation to stay at Blair House the night before the election. Cowardly loser Trump slunk off to Mar a Lago before the inauguration.

His stranglehold over the GOP is as strong as ever. White nationalists, Q anon conspiracy idiots, neoNazi’s, white supremacists and active supporters of sedition are all bowing to their unholy idol, Donald J Trump.

However the inauguration happened, without the Trumps. It was a beautiful very diverse ceremony.

Thank goodness the inauguration was free of violence. Also thank goodness that over 100 of the violent mob have been arrested.


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