Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Mothers Day too!

Self isolating with Christopher whilst enjoying breakfast pizza!

It’s an odd time around the world, with Covid19 running rampant. Over 80,000 americans have died of it in under two months. We have to wash our groceries. Age our mail for three days. Wash our hands incessently. Wear facemasks when we go out. Socially isolate.

But nonetheless today is also my 63rd birthday. And our beloved boy surprised me with a “socially distant” visit! He rang the bell, hopped off the porch & stood halfway down the sidewalk chatting with us! He also brought me s big balloon, card, lovely cyclamen & breakfast! It was a wonderful surprise!

This afternoon Chris & I feasted on oven fried chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes and spicy gravy, plus mixed veggies.

Twas a delightful day, during which hubby gave me the gift of peace. He answered my phone every single time Merry called, so I could take the day off!


  1. Awesome – 26 years and on and on … Mothers should have their own birthday plus one for each child’s birthday. Steve.


  2. I’ve mostly staying home, going in some. I’m essential you see. However NRL still can’t get the badging right. Badge expired. Even if NRL got it right, the badge office is closed. I brought some stuff home to work on, not much.
    We are healthy at least.
    Freezer full. Beer on hand.
    Looking to retire in January, but might hang longer if the virus screws up plans.


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