Just the Two of Us, 26 Years On!

Chris and I the summer before our wedding! Does he not have quite the “cat who swallowed the canary” smirk in that photo? And below is us this past Christmas.

Josh, Mel & I went in together to buy Chris his jersey the year the Capitals won the Stanley Cup! His number was his age, 55, and as a nod to our passion for riding The Bike he got the Captains “C”! My jersey was my gift from Chris this year. You can’t see it in that photo but my name on the back is Bird, & my number is 26, for the years we’ve been married. (Smart man, he didn’t use my age!)

We were married in my beloved Mumsy’s back yard on April 30, 1994.

If you look closely at Josh’s bow tie and Chris’ vest you can see the theme of our wedding – Looney Tunes! Because, clearly, you have to have a sense of humor for a marriage to survive! and yes, I did the cake smush that day!

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