Veggie Hopes!

Last weekend I put tomato, sweet green pepper, jalapeno, and cucumber plants in big pots on the deck. I also started two big pots of mixed fingerling potatoes. Three smaller pots with a variety of lettuce seeds, and one with carrot, radish, and onion seeds.

Today we went to the fenced veggie beds in the side yard to sow pumpkin, melon, cantelope, yellow squash, acorn squash, parsnip, okra, black turtle bean, blackeyed peas, snap bean, soybean, onion, mustard, peas, field beans and watermelon seeds into the beds. Supposed to rain for next five days, and stay warm! Will be interesting to see what comes up as the seeds range from 2009 – 2017. Also be interesting to see if bunnies or voles have infiltrated the garden as we didn’t have a garden last year. Fingers crossed!

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