Supernova then Munich!

Chris & I toured ESO’s new museum &planetarium Supernova, fascinating place! Deserves much more time than we gave it.

That last one really gets your attention. Point made even more crystal clear in Munich where I stumbled upon a march of kids skipping school on Friday to protest inaction on climate change. Trying to shame politicians into action, marching to a familiar tune – Pink Floyd “Brick in the Wall”!

Hey, Teachers, leave those kids alone!

Marienplatz square is an amazing mix of old and new! The glockenspiel may be the fanciest clock tower, but far from the only one there.

Instead of cozy thick flannel blankets in outside cafes, Munich goes upscale with neatly combed sheepskins!

Farewell to Germany! Heading stateside this morning.

As an aside – since leaving home I have logged 75 floors, 76,041 steps, or 30.1 miles walked!

Saturday: 6 floors : 1.67 miles : 5,368 steps (and multiple hours flying)

Sun: 10 floors : 2.4 miles : 7,594 steps

Mon: 17 floors : 4.47 miles : 12,063 steps

Tues: 14 floors : 5.63 miles : 13,046 steps

Wed: 17 floors : 6.01 miles : 14,421 steps

Thurs: 21 floors : 5.72 miles : 13,518 steps

Fri: 11 floors : 4.2 miles : 10,031 steps


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