Garching, Germany

Staying at a lovely Bavarian style inn at Garching, a suburb of Munich. The decor is really cute & funky!

This diorama is just inside the front door! And this friendly fellow welcomes you to the dining room!Windows throughout the town have hinges at the bottom, so when unlatched they fall open maybe 6″ into the room letting the air in & heat out, but without allowing rain in! Pretty ingenious.

We arrived at 10 am & took a nice long walk (trying to stay awake until 5pm local). Managed to stroll the entire village commercial area & many residential neighborhoods, Garchings business district is about 3x bigger than Crozet. Had an Exquisitely Delicious lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant Moti Mahal, which is every bit as wonderful as we recalled!

One if the most fascinating things about Garching is how many folks you see on bicycles! As we wandered we saw whole families speed by, older folks to young children on bikes everywhere you looked! Next to the underground is a massive double decker bike parking lot.

At 4:30 we decided to sit down in the Garchinger Augustiner Biergarten! We indulged in Helles & Dunkel beers enjoying the crisp afternoon air while I snuggled in one of the thick flannel blankets they thoughtfully provided at each table!

Then it was back to our room & off to bed! Where another brilliant German idea showed up – twin sized down comforters on our queen sized bed! Not once in the night did I have to search for the blanket (Chris always shoves ours off the bed as he sleeps). It was fantastic! He could toss covers and I stayed snug as a bug!

Gute Nacht!

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