Garching Surprises

Went for a long walk today while Chris worked. Stumbled upon what from the exterior appeared to be humble little church… St Katharina’s First impressions can be deceiving!

I stepped thru the door & lights came on in an anteroom, inviting me in. I lit a candle for my Mumsy & Dad before opening the heavy wooden door into the main church.

Wow! Was so NOT expecting this glorious display! Check out the ceiling as well!

The altar deserves a closer look. Patron Saint Katharina in her place of honor.

Back outside is the most incredible graveyard I have ever seen. Each gravesite is a little garden with statues, & candles protected by ruby red glass enclosures.

I left St Katharina’s and continued exploring side streets of Garching. Came across this lovely statue in a small park near the U station. No marker or explanation was provided, just a bench for contemplating.

I met up with Chris at the underground so we could head over to our favorite Indian restaurant again for dinner (this will be a nightly ritual except Thursday when we meet his boss for traditional German fare). After dinner we stopped at the Augustiner to sample beer famously made the traditional way and tapped from its wooden barrel!


  1. Everything looks amazing, please keep sharing for those of us who are stuck back in the States. Will expect full beer report!


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