Two Weeks Until The Coronation!

King Charles III is a man in a hurry. After waiting 74 years to become king, Charles has used his first six months on the throne to meet faith leaders across the country, reshuffle royal residences, stage his first overseas state visit and hold a sleepover at Windsor Castle that included the coach of the England soccer team. Then there was the big news: He opened the royal archives to researchers investigating the crown’s links to slavery.

AP London

I absolutely love the botanical symbolism of his coronation emblem! Incorporating the daffodil of Wales, the shamrock of Ireland, the thistle of Scotland and the Tudor rose of England into a beautiful unified motif!

When he was a young boy he attended his mothers coronation. She had this delightfully fanciful invitation created just for him!

His own coronation invitation expands on the themes expressed in his coronation emblem. It also captures beautifully his love of nature, gardening, & spiritual unity. I think it is exquisitely done!

A walk through a wildflower meadow at the height of its midsummer glory is at once intoxicating and restorative; bringing both joy and peace into our busy lives,”

King Charles III
The People’s Coronation

According to the Mail “From fundraisers to firefighters and carers to community workers, Britain’s local heroes are to play a key role in the event as Charles will do away with centuries of tradition by inviting 850 ordinary people with extraordinary stories to his coronation instead of just peers. Insiders revealed the King discussed the move with the Queen and his son Prince William, who were all in favour.”

“In another first,” the Mails reporting continues “400 young people personally chosen by Charles and Camilla have been invited to a private viewing of the ­Coronation Service at the nearby St Margaret’s Church. They include members of The Prince’s Trust, The Prince’s ­Foundation, Barnardo’s, The National Literacy Trust and Ebony Horse Club, Scout ­Association, Girlguiding UK, St John Ambulance and the National Citizen Service.”

“The monarchy is not perfect, but in Charles we have a King who understands both tradition and what it takes to evolve with the times. It is a delicate balance and a rare ability. I am excited to see him carry his passions into a whole new era.”

Edward Enniful

Such a sweet image! Ascending the throne was bittersweet for the King. It was a promotion that could only be had after the death of his beloved mother.

I purchased these two commemorative magazines in preparation- a wonderful in depth look at King Charles and a loving look back at the life and extraordinary reign of his mother Queen Elizabeth. Just two weeks left until the Coronation, I cannot wait! Yesterday, in a test run, I prepared the Coronation Quiche – delicious!

The King has put diversity at the heart of the Coronation by inviting prominent people from different cultural backgrounds to take part in the deeply Christian service at Westminster Abbey. Buckingham Palace confirmed last night that there will be a procession of different faith leaders before a similar procession by representatives of the 14 realms, the other countries where the King is head of state.

Daily Express

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