We had a magnificent spring sunrise with its lovely chorus of bird song this morning. Robins, cardinals , eastern phoebes, wild turkey, bluebirds, carolina wrens, & dark-eyed juncos all sang as the little woof & I walked on the driveway admiring the masses of Virginia bluebells, & forsythia. Wild cherry blossoms drifted on the breeze. Simply stunning!

I walked over to Jakie’s field to check on the progress of the daffodils & crocus bulbs I planted there in hopes of eventually growing naturalized masses of spring blooms – which will die back before the first mowing of the year!

Then I noticed something was off. Something was not quite right. It took a second, but then WOW! One of our massive cottonwood trees at the end of the drive has fallen!

When we bought our home there were about eight cottonwood trees lining the drive, now we are down to two. In their place we have planted a shrubbery with lilac, forsythia, butterfly bushes, and wild roses. Fortunately the tree fell straight downhill towards the river! Still a practically perfect morning in every other way!

Two hours later and we have a totally different chorus! Now it’s tufted titmice, carolina chickadees, black capped chickadees, and hairy woodpeckers! Life Is Good!!!

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