Cutest Baby Shower EVER!

The shower theme was childrens literature, and Grandma-to-be Nancy went all out! Everywhere you looked were banners of childrens picture books, plus books & the stuffed characters and toys from the stories! The dessert table had mini book flags on toothpicks adorning cake slices and cookies!

Erin & Stephen with Roary!

Seriously the decor was absolutely adorable!!! And the food, oh my! Lily-pads of romaine topped with individual scoops of delicious lump crab salad or yummy curried chicken salad! Fruit kabobs lush with kiwi, strawberry, melon, cantaloupe, pineapple & grapes! Veggie wraps! *Scrumptious* caprese salad! Don’t get me started on the dessert table laden with home baked goodies…!

Proud Grandpa to be!

Roary attended wearing a photo of Brenda, Richard & Beth Anne so they could attend in spirit!

We put the new magnetic license plate game to good use on the drive too! Thirty-six different states on the round trip from Virginia to Downingtown, Pa! We actually ended up only one license plate shy of completing the entire eastern half of the country!!! (Damn you Mississippi!!!)

But now we’re safely home again, little T-Rex is totally crashed out in the living room floor. It was fabulous camping in Greg & Nancy’s driveway, seeing Debbie & Paul, Erin & Stephen, Nancys mom and sisters, and meeting Erins girlfriends! Lovely weekend in every way!

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